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Absen New Category Brands and Innovations Blossom at Spring Launch 2023

2023-03-22 14:00

SHENZHEN, China, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Absen, one of the world's leading LED display brands, held its Spring Launch Event 2023 on March 21st,  showcasing the brand-new category brands and a range of new LED technologies, solutions, and products. Industry professionals and media representatives worldwide gathered to witness Absen's unveiling of its featured category brands - AbsenLive, Absenicon, and AbsenCP.

AbsenLive state-of-the-art LED for world-class stage
Empowering your stage, AbsenLive is a dedicated category brand of Absen focused on high-end rental & staging market and virtual production/xR stage. Built upon decades of LED display experiences, AbsenLive constitutes a prior choice for global companies that demand high image quality, extremely stable structure and superior colour reproduction. AbsenLive facilitates the fusion of virtual and real, bringing an immense experience to the audience and creating extraordinary customer value. Its latest Jupiter Pro series is designed specifically for outdoor, featuring a high transparency platform, high brightness LED, and precise curving capabilities, yet lightweight and durable. Meanwhile, the modular and hanging-stacking design makes installation fast and easy.

Absenicon intelligent interactive LED all-in-one machine
Absenicon intelligent screen, founded in 2018, is a high-end brand of Absenicon focusing on conference display and consumer display. It aims to promote the digital transformation of enterprises and upgrade the audio-visual experience of high-end consumer market with intelligent interactive LED all-in-one machine Absenicon intelligent screen is positioned as a large intelligent screen of more than 100 inches. It is an LED intelligent display terminal integrating document display, high-definition projection screen and remote video application. It is used in multiple application scenarios such as university lecture theaters, conference rooms, lecture halls, exhibitions and private theaters. X series, one of the two new LED display solutions, offers large formats (108"/136"/163") with improved clarity using flip-chip COB technology, easy-to-use controls, and 100% seamless displays. C Ultrawide series provides widescreen displays applicable to 21:9 content and 154"/181'/208" formats at 33% more visible area. They are designed to deliver exceptional visibility and impact for advertising and other digital signage applications.

AbsenCP ready-to-use LED, to fit your demands
Creativity with simplicity, AbsenCP is a dedicated category brand specially established by Absen for the global LED display channel market based on the development concept of 'Ready-to-use LED to fit your demands.' The new CP series feature high-resolution LED displays, minimal bezels, and advanced control features to meet commercial needs and is widely used in corporate, retail, theme parks, exhibitions, e-sports, entertainment bars, and other scenarios. The brand focuses on the commercial display market and comprises products combining creativity and simplicity.

New products bring innovations
In addition to the category brands, Absen launched several new products and solutions across multiple categories at the event. Their exceptional image quality, brightness, and color accuracy, made them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Innovative products with MicroLED technology
CL V2 is a cutting-edge MicroLED product for indoor featuring a fine-pitch pixel configuration, high brightness and contrast, and advanced color accuracy. It's black coating, full flip chip, and HDR 10 technologies produce a non-reflective and highly reliable display with stunning visual results and capabilities.

KLCOB V2 is a revolutionary MicroLED product that is the wise choice for outdoor. Its display surface is designed with extraordinary deep blacks that create amazing black consistency and exhibit a deep and pure black, improving the visual performance to an unprecedented level and capturing all brilliance. Lightweight and ultra-thin, KLCOB V2 saves time and effort during installation.

The new flagship to Absen's DOOH and Sports
A new flexible LED display product, A27 V3 is lightweight, ultra-thin and bendable. With a 16:9 commercial display aspect ratio and premium color management technology, it offers a wide viewing angle suitable for all types of signage applications.

A new line of DOOH solutions highlights Absen's LED light box displays, providing exquisite picture quality using ultra-high-definition displays with a refresh rate of ≥3840Hz. Stable and reliable, the displays are convenient to install and maintain, and offer integrated solutions, cluster control and security guarantee.

Finally, a fresh line is devoted to sports and entertainment, the four key components being intelligent centralized multi-system management and control, a multi-functional system adjustable to various scenarios, simple and convenient installation, operation and maintenance, and energy-efficiency.

Channel Recruitment - Welcome to being a part of Absen
As part of its commitment to expanding its global network, the Absen Channel Recruitment Program was announced at the event. This program aims to attract new partners and resellers to the Absen network and give them access to the latest LED display products and solutions.

The Spring Launch Event 2023 concluded in a resounding success. With an array of new category brands and products, Absen is poised for continued excellence in the LED display industry and in serving the customers with the best solutions.

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