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DFI's "New Smart Factory" Introduces Automated Equipment and Improves Production Capacity by 30%

2022-10-18 21:03

TAIPEI, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DFI, the world's leading brand in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, unveiled its new smart factory and invited the media to tour the plant in Taoyuan. DFI's new facility introduces multiple automated equipment. In addition to efficiency and precision, it features more rigorous manufacturing and inspection processes. Control of the manufacturing process has been enhanced, with output increasing by 30%, material mastery reaching 99.9%, and FPYR (First Pass Yield Rate) reaching 99.6%.

The new factory has an automated storage-retrieval system (AS/RS), which fully automates the production and material kitting process, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy.
The new factory has an automated storage-retrieval system (AS/RS), which fully automates the production and material kitting process, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy.

The global pandemic and severe labor and material shortages have recently plagued the international supply chain. Corporate automation and smart production have become keys to increasing future competitiveness. DFI has transformed the Taoyuan plant into a high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-material management smart factory by introducing new automation equipment.

Michael Lee, Vice Chairman of DFI, stated, "a wave of new infrastructure and IoT has swept the global industry in recent years. DFI has accumulated great expertise in the embedded field. We can help customers accelerate their integration of IT and OT to improve the deployment of smart functions to respond to the rapidly changing industrial environment. We will actively face the various impacts of the post-pandemic era and economic changes."

The New Taoyuan Plant Presents Intelligent Achievements

  • Efficiency: DFI has expanded SMT production to 6 lines and has integrated high-efficiency AS/RS unmanned vehicles with an automated smart warehouse system. Results include improved material turnover efficiency by 20% and output by 30%.

  • Accuracy: An automated X-ray component counter was introduced to accurately count and calculate the number of parts after mounting. The smart feeder provides two pathways of smart confirmation. A production traceability system provides complete material and product traceability, increasing mastery of materials and parts to 99.9%.

  • Product quality: The correctness of finished parts and production quality is ensured by 2D & 3D automated optical inspection (Pre-reflow AOI/Post-reflow AOI) and X-ray inspection. A wide temperature burn-in chamber conducts aging testing according to customer needs. It can satisfy the tolerability required by various key applications, with an FPYR of 99.6%.

DFI's Taoyuan smart factory has successfully integrated the IT and OT systems. Sufficient production capacity and strong performance will drive the company's implementation of OT smart transformations. DFI will continue to deploy smart manufacturing and become the best partner for corporate OT smartification.

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Source: DFI Inc.
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