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2023-03-23 13:26

Diversity & Inclusion champions Coca-Cola, Fine Hygienic Holding, BIC to lead as early sponsors

DUBAI, UAE, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd (HORP) today announced that its 2023 Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® - the success and leadership summit for women will be held LIVE in Dubai, UAE on Sept 6, 2023. The summit will bring together the Middle East's most inspirational leaders in business and Companies to share and exchange cutting-edge, cross-industry knowledge and best practices on leadership, success and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the summit. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) -Champion organizations Coca-Cola, Fine Hygienic Holding and BIC will lead as early sponsors for the 2023 Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky®.

Leticia Cachinho, Eurasia and Middle East – Hydration, Sports, Tea & Coffee Categories Lead, The Coca-Cola Company shared, " Diversity & inclusion is how we create a better shared future for people everywhere. We strive to create a work environment that empowers, educates and inspires both cultural and gender diversity across all levels of the organization.  We believe that diversity is a precursor to a culture of empathy, and innovation. We are delighted to partner with Break the ceiling touch the sky ® which will give participants an opportunity to learn from others, share best practices, network with peers and chart their own individual courses for success."

Commented James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding, "We are proud to be a Platinum sponsor once again of the 2023 Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky. Renewing our partnership reiterates our commitment to our ongoing mission to make FHH's workplace environment more inclusive and inviting for females. I am proud of the progress our company is making in this arena, adopting best practices, and celebrating the efforts and contributions of its females by rolling out world-class policies and programs that ensure they are operating in a supportive environment that allows them to unleash their potential and thrive. We expect the 2023 Edition to be the biggest and best Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® to date."

Peter Van den Broeck, Senior VP, GM Middle East and Africa at BIC commented, "Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion remains a part of our DNA at BIC. Our global presence in over 160 countries allows us to foster an environment that champions diverse backgrounds, bringing creativity and innovation to our work and encouraging team members to reach their full potential. We reinforce our gender equality commitment to empowering and encouraging female talent across the organization with a goal to see 40% female representation in director and above roles by 2027. Our long-term partnership with Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky® in the Middle East and across the world helps us bring our vision to life and work with like-minded individuals and organizations to reach set goals. We look forward to what this year's edition will bring."

The 2023 Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® is the sixth annual Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® and is an important pillar of the global Break the ceiling touch the sky® network with editions in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and ANZ. The summit supports HORP's MISSION 2029 FOR A BETTER WORLD – the 10-year action plan to quintuple the number of Female CEOs in the worlds 500 largest Companies (from 14 in 2020 to 70 in 2029) and to double the number of Male CEOs in the same group actively investing in gender diversity & inclusion.

Concluded Anthony A. Rose, Chairman and CEO, House of Rose Professional and best-selling author of the book Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky: success secrets of the world's most inspirational women which inspired the summit: "We are delighted to host the 2023 Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® in the UAE. The UAE is making strong investments in gender equality and taking action to create a future focused, inclusive professional with great purpose and commitment. Gender-diverse Companies across the world are delivering better financial results, growing better leaders, and delivering better business.  With the knowledge and best practices we bring from across industries globally, organizations that partner with us at Break the ceiling touch the sky® are learning faster and building stronger, more inclusive organizations that deliver better business."  

The 2023 Middle East Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky has as its Industry Partners AMCHAM Dubai and AMCHAM Abu Dhabi.  

To join as a Participating Company for the Break the ceiling touch the sky® visit 

Companies that wish to join the leadership team of sponsors for this edition of the summit may email HORP at

House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd (HORP). is a global leader across the Talent, Training and Transformation businesses and has since mid 2014 enabled and inspired over 35000 women leaders to greater success via its Dream Job International®, Break the ceiling touch the sky®, and CEOSmith® brands.

House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd. (HORP) is a leader in female executive leadership development and provides international services in the areas of Talent, Training and Transformation. HORP has since 2014 helped enable 40000 women leaders to greater success.  HORP is also the owner of the annual Break the ceiling touch the sky® 101 Best Global Companies for women in leadership Index (BTC 101 Global Index) – the comprehensive, math-based record of gender diversity of the world's 500 largest Companies. 

For news media/business inquiries contact:
Anthony A. Rose, House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd. 

Source: House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd.
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