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Lovelots Group and Sibay Shiok Enters into Strategic Partnership

2022-07-19 18:59

SINGAPORE, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Lovelots Group and Sibay Shiok jointly announced that they have entered into an exclusive strategic partnership to venture into the European markets to sell luxury designer goods via livestreaming. This partnership will formalise the existing strong collaborative relationship between LoveLots Group and Sibay Shiok, according to HyperLive Entertainment.

Lovelots Group founder Peter Ang (Left) alongside Sibay Shiok co-founder Terence Cao (Right)
Lovelots Group founder Peter Ang (Left) alongside Sibay Shiok co-founder Terence Cao (Right)

Led by actor Terence Cao, Sibay Shiok is an online venture by a team of celebrities specialising in live selling. Starting in May this year, Sibay Shiok established an exclusive partnership with Lovelots Group to sell luxury bags, watches and diamonds via facebook live. In recent livestreaming sessions with Lovelots Group, Sibay Shiok achieved record sales, including selling a Rolex watch for $12,500 within 16 seconds, two Hermes bags within 8 minutes and a Birkin bag sold for $29,900 in just 6 seconds. For each of these items, there were at least four bidders, a testament to the strength of modern marketing through live selling.

The successful partnership led the team to venture into Europe, where they would be setting up their office to organise live selling shows hosted by multiple groups of celebrities.

Peter Ang, Founder of Lovelots Group, said, "We are excited to have Sibay Shiok as our exclusive partner for this new global venture. Lovelots has successfully built up a strong reputation for luxury goods in Singapore. Embracing new technology and innovative methods of marketing will enable us to expand into global markets swiftly. Thus, with Sibay Shiok joining us in this new venture, we believe the synergy will bring tremendous value to our customers."

He further revealed that Singapore's leading tour agency L.G.E Travel would be collaborating to organise exclusive celebrity tours, which would be produced as interactive variety shows on licensed online television platform HyperLive TV.

"We hope to bring new interactive shopping experiences to our customers. With exclusive celebrity tours managed by L.G.E Travel, we can now organise exclusive shopping trips led by renowned celebrities. Those who wish to join our tours online, HyperLive TV will be able to provide fun and highly interactive experiences for our viewers," said Ang.

Source: HyperLive Entertainment
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