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Medical Tourism Moonshot: Breaking the Barriers to Quality Healthcare

2023-03-15 02:55

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Medical Tourism Association in collaboration with Global Healthcare Resources and the International Healthcare Research Center have launched the first Medical Tourism Moonshot to break down the major barriers preventing access and growth in medical tourism.

With a target to add 5 million new medical tourists to the industry in 2028, the Medical Tourism Moonshot is integrating data-driven solutions with the best of resources and expertise in the medical tourism industry to facilitate a seamless network between patients, health payers (referral organizations) and high-quality treatments around the world.

The Medical Tourism Moonshot leverages extraordinary solutions and collaborative results from major players to produce results as never been seen before. The aim is simple: to build a more sustainable industry by eliminating the barriers and complexities of conventional medical tourism models, as well as creating transparent access to data.

The Moonshot is building a healthcare future that is accessible to everyone.

This platform aims to solve the myriad of challenges limiting growth in medical tourism, including technology challenges, poor access to requisite data, pent-up demand for care, inadequate patient facilitation, poor marketing strategies, and the changing dynamics within the industry.

"The Medical Tourism industry has relaunched and is booming back again after the pandemic. It is time we re-imagined it, and solved all the problems that kept the industry, its stakeholders, and professionals from achieving the true success and potential it has," said Jonathan Edelheit, CEO and founder of the Medical Tourism Association.

The Medical Tourism Moonshot solves these complex problems by facilitating appropriate technology to drive medical travel patient transactions, integrating systems that curate and synchronize data effectively, optimizing wellness travel solutions, and improving global provider network and collaborations to meet the global pent-up demand for care and drive competition.

Participation in the Moonshot is free and available to any stakeholder in the industry looking to drive growth in medical travel programs. All participants will receive the moonshot logo which they can proudly display on their website.

Join the medical tourism moonshot community today. Moonshot participants will receive updates on how the industry is coming together to achieve its goals.

To learn more about the Medical Tourism Moonshot, click here. 

About Medical Tourism Association

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) is a non-profit organization focused on breaking down the barriers to affordable, transparent, and world class healthcare. Founded in 2007, the MTA continues to raise awareness for medical travel while driving the adoption of best practices in the industry. The MTA's goal is to make it easier for industry stakeholder to connect and do business, whether it's a healthcare provider, referral organization (buyer) or a medical tourist.  The MTA is proud to have worked with and helped launch the leading brands in the industry, such as South Korea, Dubai, Washington DC, State of Florida, and Abu Dhabi.  We work with Governments, Healthcare Providers, Insurers and other stakeholder from the conceptualization of their project, to launch and throughout the commercialization.  

In 2023, we are expanding our focus to help the industry achieve its true potential within the next five years.  We have launched a Medical Tourism Moonshot, which would help millions of consumers around the world become aware of medical travel opportunities and access them with ease.  We will now begin a new movement in the industry to foster collaboration amongst industry participants like has never happened before.

About the International Healthcare Research Center

The International Healthcare Research Center is a non-profit organization created to gather and disseminate high-level data to improve the quality and safety of healthcare delivery across borders. IHRC produces the Medical Tourism Index, which ranks countries around the world.

Based on the perceptions of 46 international healthcare destinations, providing insight into how consumers view 41 criteria across three primary dimensions, including Destination Attractiveness, Safety, and Quality of Care. IHRC collaborates with global leaders in healthcare and medical travel, including the Medical Tourism Association to promote transparency and expand access to care by leveraging actionable insights from data.


Source: Medical Tourism Association
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