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MGM Once Again Brings Asia's Only RR1HK Culinary Masters Event to Macau

2024-06-06 17:02

Six Internationally Acclaimed Chefs Across the Silk Road to Attract Premium International Travelers for Macau

MACAU, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Building on the success of last year's debut of the RR1 events in Macau with Robb Report Hong Kong, MGM will once again host the MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024, the only RR1 event in Asia, from June 28 to 30. Through culinary delights from around the world together with distinctive tailored experiences, this culinary event aims to indulge participants in the taste of Macau's cultural diversity.

MGM Once Again Brings Asia's Only RR1HK Culinary Masters Event to Macau - Six Internationally Acclaimed Chefs Across the Silk Road to Attract Premium International Travelers for Macau
MGM Once Again Brings Asia's Only RR1HK Culinary Masters Event to Macau - Six Internationally Acclaimed Chefs Across the Silk Road to Attract Premium International Travelers for Macau

RR1 is a global private membership club that brings together the network of international ultra-high-net-worth individuals to experience the extraordinary. Culinary Masters is one of RR1's most popular events, bringing together the most acclaimed chefs in the world for a culinary retreat filled with the finest gastronomy, exquisite wines, and masterclasses. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Macau Special Administrative Region and the 700 years of remembrance of the Silk Road explorer Marco Polo, this year's event will be themed as "Savor 700 Years of Silk Road Flavors: A Gastronomic Odyssey". Six celebrity chefs from Asian, European and Middle East countries and regions along the Silk Road will meticulously curate an immersive culinary journey, showcasing food along the Silk Road, while paying tribute to the legendary traveler who bridged Eastern and Western civilizations.

Hubert Wang, President and Chief Operating Officer of MGM China Holdings Limited, said, "The culinary cultures, ingredients, and cooking techniques of the Silk Road have profoundly influenced the global culinary scene. Located in Macau, a Creative City of Gastronomy where Eastern and Western cultures co-exist, MGM proactively leverages the synergy between tourism and gastronomy, combining the dynamic culinary arts of the Silk Road with Macau's rich cultural heritage and unique cuisine to create such an unprecedented gourmet feast that helps cement Macau as a top destination for global travelers looking for premium travel experiences."

Tak Man, CEO and Publisher of Robb Report Hong Kong, said, "It is my pleasure to once again present MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024 for the second year running. Last year, we created a lifetime of memories and accelerated lasting friendships between each and every one of the guests that attended Culinary Masters. Beyond eating well, the DNA of Culinary Masters is to celebrate, learn, and honor the effort put into every dish and the creation of each and every plate to truly appreciate every aspect of the chefs' creations, together with them."

This year's event will feature a star-studded lineup of celebrity chefs, including Chudaree "Tam" Debhakam of the Thailand restaurant Baan Tepa, the world's first female Thai chef to win two Michelin stars; Garima Arora of the Indian restaurant Gaa, the world's first female Indian chef to earn two Michelin stars; Marco Galtarossa of the one-Michelin-starred Italian restaurant Villa Elena; Yang Dengquan, Executive Sous Chef who helms the one-Michelin-starred Sichuanese restaurant Five Foot Road at MGM COTAI; Sara Aqel of Dara Dining, whom modernize Mediterranean cuisine with Italian focus in Jordan; and Florita Alves of La Famiglia, a well-respected ambassador of Macanese cuisine in Macau. For the first time, these six master chefs will collaborate to present an unparalleled 12-hand gala dinner based on their respective interpretations of the Silk Road flavors, satisfying palates from around the world with the artistry of culinary from Mediterranean, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

During the event, MGM will also offer participants a variety of customized activities that combine gastronomy, leisure and entertainment to showcase the appeal of cultural tourism. Other than the world-class cuisines, participants are welcome to join the cooking sessions, fine wine and tea masterclasses, art tour, as well as the local Macau tours including visits to the historical sites and transit experience by Macau cruise and light rail, exploring the Macau's East-Meet-West cultures in multi-dimensions. The art tour at MGM COTAI with showcase contemporary art collection such as the "Legend of Chivalry" exhibition held in partnership with renowned Chinese sculptor Ren Zhe, as well as the magnificent digital art piece "Giraffe meets Qilin" which extends the innovative concept of "ART-TECH". Additionally, the "Fondant Art Exhibition" offers a captivating and delightful feast of life, illustrating the art of living. Whether it's the mesmerizing "Sea Odyssey" or the innovative "M-Art" creative experience, these displays showcase the exceptional talents of local and regional artists, providing guests with a fresh and awe-inspiring visual extravaganza.

Registration for the MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024 is now open on the official Robb Report website. Don't miss out!

Event Details

Event Name

MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024

Date and Time

From June 28, 2024 (Friday) to June 30, 2024 (Sunday)




Savor 700 Years of Silk Road Flavors: A Gastronomic Odyssey


  • Three-Day and Two-Night Experience Package
    • Package for Two: HKD 30,000
    •  Single Package: HKD 20,000
  • 12-hand Gala Dinner only on June 29
    • HKD 10,000 per person


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Photos (URL LINK to high-resolution photos):

  • (Photo 1-6) The six celebrity chefs for MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau 2024
  • (Photo 7) Exterior of MGM COTAI
  • (Photo 8-11) Photos from 2023's MGM x RR1HK Culinary Masters Macau event

Appendix I

Photo 1: Chudaree "Tam" Debhakam is not only the first female Thai chef in the world to achieve two Michelin stars, she is also recognized with the 2024 Michelin Guide Young Chef Award. She helms the Thai restaurant Baan Tepa Culinary Space, which is renowned for its strong sustainability initiatives and was ranked among Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2023. Chudaree "Tam" Debhakam's cuisine focuses on showcasing organic, local produce with Thai flavors and a modern flair. She is also the first 'Top Chef Thailand' having been the youngest in the competition.

Photo 2Garima Arora is the world's first female Indian chef to earn two Michelin stars. She is also the head chef and proprietor of the Indian restaurants Gaa and Marigold. Her passion for the culinary world began in her family's humble kitchen in Mumbai, after which she underwent professional culinary training in Paris and went on to work for some of the top kitchens in the world. Garima Arora is a passionate advocate for incorporating Indian cooking techniques into modern cuisine. She has founded the non-profit organization "Food Forward India" to explore and catalog the immense diversity of the cuisines of India.

Photo 3Marco Galtarossa hailing from Padua, Italy, has had a lifelong passion for cooking. After graduating from culinary school, he worked at some of the world's top restaurants, including Robuchon in Paris, Carlo Cracco in Milan, Villa Feltrinelli in Lake Garda, Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, and Noma in Copenhagen. In 2020, Galtarossa joined the team of Enrico Bartolini in Bergamo, where he continues to create exquisite dishes that nourish the Michelin-star dining experience.

Photo 4Yang Dengquan is the Executive Sous Chef who helms the one Michelin starred restaurant, Five Foot Road, since the opening of this unique dining spot in town. Born and raised in Chengdu, Chef Yang was inspired by his family's cooking and has developed his passion to behold the traditions of Chengdu cuisine. With nearly four decades of culinary experience, Chef Yang bestows his deep understanding on the preciseness of Chengdu-Sichuanese cuisine, enabling guests to experience the most sophisticated side of genuine Sichuanese culinary craftsmanship.

Photo 5: Chef Sara Aqel is born and raised in Jordan. She studied at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Les Roches, and later worked at the restaurant owned by world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura in Dubai. She then opened the first female-led restaurant in the region, Fi'lia, and served as the global executive chef for the brand in Dubai. Thereafter, Sara Aqel led the operations of Fi'lia in Miami, the Bahamas, and Paris, and was recognized as the F&B Arab Woman of the Year 2022. She has now co-founded her own restaurant brand Dara Dining by Sara Aqel. Sara Aqel made a name for herself by creating unique stories through her dishes and seeing potential in every ingredient in the kitchen. Her ultimate goal is to create a warm, homely atmosphere for her guests through her meticulously prepared Italian-Mediterranean cuisine, coupled with a relaxed ambiance filled with laughter and conviviality.

Photo 6: Florita Morais Alves is born and raised in Macau, is one of the most renowned Macanese chefs. She is also the proprietor of the hugely popular Macanese-Portuguese restaurant La Famiglia. She has dedicated herself to promoting the culinary and dining culture of Macanese-Portuguese cuisine both locally and internationally. As part of the Brotherhood of Macanese Gastronomy (Confraria da Gastronomia Macaense) and culinary ambassador of Macau, Florita Morais Alves has traveled to many countries around the world to showcase Macau's gastronomy. This includes participating in the CEUCO (European Eno-gastronomical Brotherhood Congress) for various years, where she was awarded the Best European Chef Award in 2018 in Athens, Greece. She has also co-produced a series of food programs with Japan's NHK television; and presented her famous Macau Cha Gordo (Macanese-style afternoon tea) in Portugal.

Source: MGM
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