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Tencent Cloud Shines Spotlight on Affordable AAA Game Tech for Everyone at 2023 Game Developers Conference

2023-03-24 14:00

With gaming in its DNA, Tencent Cloud highlights its commitment to the gaming community through high-quality, interactive, secure and cost-effective gaming capabilities, empowering developers from all around the globe

SAN FRANCISCO, March 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Tencent Cloud today celebrates the success of its participation in the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC), highlighting its cutting-edge game technologies and one-stop solution that make AAA game tech accessible and affordable for game developers around the globe.

At GDC, Tencent Cloud showcased its latest game tech and offerings, including solutions for game infrastructure, security, and performance, in-game voice, media processing, anti-cheat, QA testing, and more.
At GDC, Tencent Cloud showcased its latest game tech and offerings, including solutions for game infrastructure, security, and performance, in-game voice, media processing, anti-cheat, QA testing, and more.

At GDC, Tencent Cloud showcased its latest game tech and offerings, including solutions for game infrastructure, security, and performance, in-game voice, media processing, anti-cheat, QA testing, and more. Also highlighted are the company's capabilities to deliver cost-effective, purpose-built game tech that delivers ultrasmooth gaming, accelerates game downloads, enhances in-game engagement, provides real-time interactions, and tests game compatibility – ensuring fun and fair gameplay for gamers without worrying about malicious attacks.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, "Trusted by AAA game titles globally, Tencent Cloud's services are backed by unparalleled experience and resources, massive infrastructure, and industry-leading technology. Indeed, it's all down to our DNA. We shall continue to provide more comprehensive gaming solutions to the industry by taking gaming experiences to new heights and we look forward to having more developers access our specialty in ecosystem, interactive and immersive services."

What Makes a Great Game?

Seamless gameplay, interactive elements, and immersive environments are hallmarks of some of the most compelling games, but creating this type of gaming experience requires extensive infrastructure and resources, advanced game tech, and robust security features. At the event, insights were shared on how to harness the power of Tencent Cloud Media Services and  Tencent Cloud EdgeOne, to build interactive and immersive global games that captivate players, with a focus on creating immersive games via video, audio, networking security and performance.

Media Services at the Core of Seamless Gaming

Tencent Cloud's one-stop game media service solution supports global clients with ultra-low latency in-game communication, interactive game livestreaming, efficient media processing service and cloud game streaming to help more game providers boost their players' engagement and generate user growth. The solution can be applied to various scenarios, such as: GameFi; providing one-to-one chat and group chat functions in the gaming social scene; social gaming; game and cloud live streaming; and building virtual worlds.

In-Game Voice Chat – the Key to Immersive Interactions

When it comes to game voice interaction, ensuring clear and smooth voice quality is key. Tencent Cloud's Game Multimedia Engine (GME), the next-gen in-game voice chat (VoIP) service, features capabilities for multiple room management, multiple role management, ultra-large voice channel for 100,000 gamers, and other voice features enabling various creative possibilities.

Integrated, Connected, Secure Gaming Network

Game CDN highlights the significance of network connectivity, ensuring users connect to games with the lowest latency possible. Tencent Cloud EdgeOne leverages Tencent's experience in edge computing, network performance and top security capabilities, and edge nodes all over the world, to help the gaming industry to create fun, seamless and secure experiences.

Worry-Free, Ultra-Fair Gameplay for Everyone

To address rising concerns about game security, like immersion-breaking cheats, and DDoS attacks, Tencent Cloud's Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) guards the game client against malicious tampering, debugging and injection, as well as invalidates vicious modifiers and protects game memory data integrity. It can also precisely identify and effectively block a variety of techniques employed by game cheaters, security game integrity and ensure fair gameplay with 99.99% detection accuracy. Complimenting this, WeTest Game Quality Assurance is an end-to-end game testing and monitoring platform that offers tools to monitor and improve game quality for the full life cycle of games.

Make Fun, Fast, and Fair Games with Tencent Cloud

Moving forward, Tencent Cloud will continue to provide more comprehensive gaming solutions that align with its vision of "Immersive Convergence" in tech. From indie startups to major development companies, the company aims to offer game developers leading solutions that provide the best and most affordable game tech for everyone, ensuring fun, fast and fair gaming experiences for all players.

About Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud, one of the world's leading cloud companies, is committed to creating innovative solutions to resolve real-world issues and enabling digital transformation for smart industries. Through our extensive global infrastructure, Tencent Cloud provides businesses across the globe with stable and secure industry-leading cloud products and services, leveraging technological advancements such as cloud computing, Big Data analytics, AI, IoT and network security. It is our constant mission to meet the needs of industries across the board, including the fields of gaming, media and entertainment, finance, healthcare, property, retail, travel and transportation.


Source: Tencent Cloud
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