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The Strong Characteristics of Classic House, RUMAH KLASIK Becomes Trusted Architecture Consultant and Contractor for Indonesian Conglomerates

2023-01-11 16:29

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A residence for Indonesian conglomerates is not just a house, it's a proof of achievement. Therefore, their house tends to be built in large areas with magnificent concepts. One of the most favourite design houses for conglomerates is the classic European design.

Improve your life quality by owning #therealperfection by RUMAH KLASIK. Aside from the luxurious building, we also can build a house that truly describes you.
Improve your life quality by owning #therealperfection by RUMAH KLASIK. Aside from the luxurious building, we also can build a house that truly describes you.

Luxurious houses with classic European designs are often seen as a symbol of success for Indonesian conglomerates, and classic designs are the top-of-choice house design for conglomerates. Aside from its grand and luxurious design, a classic European house design also has a high investment value because of its timeless design. And an experienced architect and contractor are needed.

RUMAH KLASIK is an Architecture Consultant and Construction Luxury Classic House Specialist with more than 25 years of experience in Indonesia. Because of that, RUMAH KLASIK has become a trusted Architecture Consultant and Construction for building luxury houses with classic European style. Many conglomerates use the service of RUMAH KLASIK because RUMAH KLASIK treats each client very well with excellent customer service. RUMAH KLASIK can build every client's dream home by implementing the right classic house principles, such as pillars on the exterior, symmetrical buildings, grand and luxury doors and windows, and spiral staircases inside the house. 

Building a luxury classical house with RUMAH KLASIK only takes 8-9 months for an area of land < 1000 m2, and every project they takes is supervised by the founder and CEO of RUMAH KLASIK itself, Masjudi.

If you are interested in Build Luxury Classic House, please do not hesitate to reach us through:

Address: Casa De Amore Building - Malibu Kota Deltamas - Cikarang Pusat

Phone No.: +62 816 191 6699



Source: Rumah Klasik
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