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en_US Reveals Growing Demand for Personalisation in the Attractions & Tours Sector at Envision 2024

2024-05-31 13:44

SHANGHAI, May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading one-stop travel service provider, convened industry leaders and experts at the Group Envision 2024 Global Conference Attractions & Tours Forum. Held in Shanghai on May 30, the event spotlighted evolving traveller preferences in the attractions and tours sector, the power of technology, as well as the expansion of Attractions & Tours' partnerships and offerings.

The Search for Unique, Personalised Experiences

In his keynote speech, Mr. Jim Ji, Vice President of Group, CEO of Attractions & Tours, revealed that international travel was surging, with a 34% growth in arrivals in 2023 compared to the previous year. China's outbound and domestic growth also showed strong growth, especially during key holiday periods such as the past Chinese New Year and the Labour Day holiday.

He revealed that the younger generation has become the most dominant force in the Chinese outbound travel market. Moreover, travellers sought more localised, unique experiences besides traditional "must-dos". For instance, theme parks, Instagrammable places, novel activities, local cuisine and interest-driven experiences were among the top themes that emerged.

"Travellers today are looking for more than just the typical tourist attractions. They seek unique, personalised and authentic experiences that allow them to connect with local culture and traditions," said Mr Ji. He shared that innovative strategies such as live streaming, social media, content creators (KOLs) and AI must be employed to engage travellers.

Panels at the conference further discussed changes in user booking behaviour, such as earlier research and bookings, extended stays and increased attraction visits. They also noted that travellers are willing to pay for premium options like express passes and VIP services. To tap into this rising need, Attractions & Tours has expanded its offerings, including VIP experiences, bundled food and ticket packages, and tickets to sporting events such as the Australia Open.

AI and Technology Transforming the Travel Experience

Against the backdrop of economic recovery, AI and technology are driving change across the travel industry. For instance, AI travel assistants like's TripGenie are revolutionising travel planning, while AI's growing role in customer service is enhancing efficient, customised interactions.

At the conference, both leader speeches and panels revealed AI's power across multiple functions. This includes managing dynamic pricing, making instant booking confirmations, predictive analytics for capacity management, and unified channel management systems. Future trends also point towards greater automation and the use of technologies like AR and VR to provide immersive experiences.

Exciting Projects and Partnerships Worldwide Attractions & Tours also shared the success of its expanded offerings over the past year, echoing customers' yearning for exciting events and experiences. For instance, the exclusive Christmas Wonderland 2023 in Singapore, a dazzling festive event, increased market share.

Strategic partnerships with attractions and travel agencies were also highlighted as essential for creating value. For instance, Attractions & Tours serves as the General Agency and Preferred Partner for the Louvre Abu Dhabi in China. In collaboration with the Empire State Building Observatory in New York, it has also launched an exclusive sunrise tour experience. Additionally, it has forged a new partnership with Discover Saudi, aiming to boost tourism from Asian markets to Saudi Arabia by offering comprehensive travel products and services. also revealed enhancements to pre-travel services, which are a key part of any trip. It is expanding its eSIM services, now covering over 160 countries through partnerships with more than 50 global operators. Its affiliated airport counters, located at Changi, Incheon, Gimpo, Gimhae, Hong Kong International, Suvarnabhumi, and Taoyuan Airports, are also enhancing travel experiences from the very first step.

About is an international one-stop travel service provider, available in 24 languages across 39 countries and regions in 35 local currencies. has an extensive hotel and flight network consisting of more than 1.7 million hotels and flights from over 600 airlines covering 3,400 airports in 220 countries and regions around the globe.'s world-class 24/7 multilingual customer service, as well as additional centres in Edinburgh, Tokyo and Seoul, help to 'create the best travel experience' for its millions of customers worldwide. To book your next trip, visit

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