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WordUp, an AI-based English learning App, Introduces Fantasy Chat

2023-03-23 21:10

LONDON, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Over 1.5 billion people speak English as a second language. They are naturally at a disadvantage compared to native speakers in a globalised world where English is what connects people to opportunities.

WordUp Chat - AI Celebrities
WordUp Chat - AI Celebrities

WordUp's vision is to level the playing field. It's an AI-based English learning App, used by millions, with a simple but novel core idea:

English has 200,000 words. You'll never hear 95% of them. 5% is enough for a perfect vocabulary. But which 5%, depends on your unique life, profession, hobbies,... WordUp helps you discover exactly the words that matter to you, sorted by their importance (usage frequency), giving you the most possible value per learning minute.

Fantasy Chat

Their latest release as of 17 March 2023 allows users to talk about any topic with an AI version of their idols, celebrities, politicians,... with over 10,000 famous people are available on the platform! It's an incredibly entertaining way to practice English and widen their vocabulary.

This innovative AI use case is example of how Generative AI is redefining education.

The challenge of 'Active Vocabulary'

WordUp was already well-known for its 'Knowledge Map' concept, allowing users to uncover their existing vocabulary knowledge into a 'digital twin' enabling hyper-personalised learning. This approach, blended with a wealth visual learning content and, had already made WordUp the leading vocabulary expansion app, used by millions around the world.

But there was a challenge. As in any other app, words were learnt into the user's passive, rather than active vocabulary, meaning they could understand the words when facing them, but couldn't necessarily recall and use them naturally in real-time conversations. Moving from passive to active vocabulary is only possible through practice and active usage. The new Fantasy Chat feature, solves that problem.

About the founders

WordUp was created by serial entrepreneurs Paymon Khamooshi and Somayeh Aghnia. Having immigrated to the UK from Iran as students in 2004, they experienced first-hand the challenges of learning English vocabulary.

In 2007, they founded Geeks Ltd (software business, London) and have since created jobs for over 500 people and won several industry awards, including the Queen's Award for Innovation.

Initially an experimental project at Geeks, WordUp grew to become an independent company with philanthropic and impact-driven ambitions.





Source: WordUp App Ltd
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