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World Standards Day 2022: ZPMC's Journey of Advancing International Standardization for Heavy Equipment Industry

2022-11-28 09:47

SHANGHAI, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., ltd. (ZPMC), the world's largest port machinery manufacturer, celebrates the 53th World Standards Day 2022 as a pioneer committed to accelerating the international standardization of heavy equipment manufacturing industries.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) have set "Shared Vision for A Better World" as the theme of this year's World Standards Day, and "Standardization in the Digital Era" as the theme in China. As an industry leader, ZPMC has led the development and publishing of three international standards, making outstanding contributions to promote international standardization, especially in the crane sector.

"The World Standards Day is of great significance to promoting the international coordination and unification of industrial standards, and ZPMC is honored to participate in advancing the process of international standardization and strengthening the influence of Chinese crane manufacturing enterprises in the global market," said Wang Ping, deputy general manager of ZPMC's division of science, technology and digitalization.

ZPMC's roadmap of setting international standards started in 2015 when the company set up working groups that participated in international conferences and prepared  international standard declarations for different divisions from multiple points of entry. ZPMC identified the gap of international standards for the anchoring devices of bridge and gantry cranes in working and non-working states.

Three years later, ZPMC submitted the proposal of the first crane international standards, the "ISO 12210-5 Cranes: Anchoring Devices for In-service and Out-of-service Conditions -- Part 5: Bridge and Gantry Cranes," at a conference in Helsinki, Finland, which was successfully approved by the panel experts.

In 2019, the working draft of the project was suggested by experts of the London annual conference that the first and fourth sections of the standard should be revised and combined with Section 5, and it was re-established as "ISO 12210 Cranes — Anchoring devices for in-service and out-of-service conditions." At the conference, the previous U.S. representative leading the project of "ISO 7752-5 Cranes — Control layout and characteristics — Part 5: Bridge and gantry cranes" abstained from the revision, and ZPMC's on-site team immediately sought for the right to revise.

On June 17, 2021, ZPMC officially published two international standards which it has taken the project lead, the "ISO 7752-5:2021 Cranes — Control layout and characteristics — Part 5: Bridge and gantry cranes" and "ISO 9374-5:2021 Cranes — Information to be provided — Part 5: Overhead travelling cranes and portal bridge cranes."

"At the forefront of promoting the establishment of international standards of the heavy equipment industry, ZPMC strives to contribute to advancing the international standard setting process, as part of this remarkable journey of shared endeavor with all of our partners," said Wang Ping.

Source: Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.,ltd.
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