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Yili Group Wins 17 World Food Innovation Awards

2023-03-24 22:23

LONDON, March 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The winners of the World Food Innovation Awards 2023 were announced at the International Food and Drink Event (IFE) on March 20 in the UK. With outstanding performance in innovation, Yili Group became the biggest winner with the most awards. Together with its subsidiary Ausnutria Dairy, the company took one top prize, notably ranked among finalists for 13 awards and received commendation for three more awards.

Yili Group Wins 17 World Food Innovation Awards
Yili Group Wins 17 World Food Innovation Awards

After a rigorous review by the judges, Yili's Satine No Printing No Ink Environmental-friendly Edition was named the winner of the Packaging Design award. Integrating green and low-carbon concepts, the individual cartons are designed in pure white without traditional ink printing and the product information is laser-printed. The cartons are composed of FSC-certified packaging materials and the caps are made of plant-based materials.

Satine Active Lactoferrin Organic Pure Milk, which was commended for the Artisan Product award, applies innovative and advanced technology to maintain the natural activity of lactoferrin, thus allowing the product to help boost the human body's immune system. It is notably the first room temperature active lactoferrin organic pure milk product in the dairy market. Meanwhile, Yili Cute Star Lactoferrin Pure Milk – the world's first room temperature active lactoferrin milk product that provides nutritional care for children's healthy growth – was also named a finalist for three awards, i.e. the Technology Innovation award, the Children's/Baby Product award, and the Artisan Product award. Yili's Xujinhuan Cheese Flavored Ice cream was also nominated for the Chilled/Frozen Product award. The product is China's first low GI ice cream product certified by the Global Green Union.

Kabrita YingJia Yingxin Goat Milk Formula was a finalist for the Dairy Product award as it innovatively combines phytosterol esters, folic acid, taurine and zinc to help protect the cardiovascular and cerebral vascular health of middle-aged and elderly people. Meanwhile, AMBPOMIAL Youqier, a unique combination of a sparkling drink and a yogurt product, was also named a finalist for the Dairy Product and Food Innovation awards.

Furthermore, Shuhua Sugar Control Lactose-free Milk was also named a finalist for the Technology Innovation and Dairy Product awards, while Cute Star Natural DHA Pure Milk was a finalist for the Artisan Product award and was commended for the Dairy Product award, and Changyi 100% Lactic Acid Bacteria Drink was a finalist for the Drink Innovation award.

Source: Yili Group

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