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Linxun Launches a New App "VIC"

2013-09-28 08:30

Opens a New Era of Secured Social Networking

HONG KONG, Sept. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LinxunIntertech of VODone Limited ("VODone" or the "Company"; Stock code: 00082), today announced the global launch of Linxun VIC, a new-generation real-time communication and private social networking app. The mobile application, which integrates online voice communication, instant message, and communities, was unveiled at a press conference attended by Dr. Wang Haila, President of LixunIntertech, Ms. Yang Ning, Executive-VP, and Ms. Wang Ruosi, Product Manager of Linxun VIC.

During the press conference, Dr. Wang Haila highlighted private and safe communication as Linxun VIC's prominent features. With the popularity of smart phone and equipment, users' daily life can be recorded, which presents a popular concern of breach of privacy and security. In the meantime, mobile social network software that has gradually replaced traditional telecommunication tools increasingly challenges the protection of private information. Linxun VIC offers an innovative solution to the challenge of privacy protection through Transport Layer Security technology, encrypting real-time communication of point-to-point voice to guarantee users' information security. Thanks to its high-quality global transmission function, Wang believes that the transmission function of Linxun VIC will ushers in a brand-new era for high-quality, secured social networking experience.

Participants of the press conference were invited to download Linxun VIC with the QR code. The event ended with a raffle on 'the treasure bowl, 'Linxun's new mobile phone client platform, in a celebration of Linxun's latest fruits of innovation.

About Linxun VIC – Towards New Era of Free Internet Voice Communication, Instant Message and Communities.

Integrating online voice communication, instant message, and communities, Linxun VIC offers the safest and most exciting social communication experience between users. Linxun VIC guarantees information security thanks to its outstanding security technology that enables encrypted point-to-point communication. Linxun VIC is a borderless application, supporting free global online voice communication, text chat, graph, video, and geographical position information sharing. The exclusive V community and confidant circle of Linxun VIC not only enables sharing privacy with your closest friends, but also allows first-time content sharing to the V community. The brand-new user-defined V community volume label is easy and convenient, which allows key words setting by content to realize real-time information classification and also enables searching information within confidant circle by category. The brand-new "Privately-Shared" online community is unparalleled as compared to other products in the market. In addition, Linxun VIC's simple, handsome design, and high-quality visual effects furnish users with a brand-new experience.

Invested by VODone, Linxun Interaction has built China's first mobile online LBS community with all-round qualification, dedicated to developing, designing mobile internet products, paying attention to user experience and producing cluster products on a mobile internet platform. The release of Linxun VIC once again vindicates innovative ideas and strong strengths of Linxun Interaction.

Source: VODone Limited

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