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MINISO Opens New Times Square Pop-Up, an IP-Paradise with Cuddly Plushies Galore

2024-03-28 20:01

NEW YORK, March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 23rd, global lifestyle brand MINISO opened a vibrant new pop-up in Times Square, New York, the brand's second location in the iconic shopping district. Located next to the Disney Store at 1540 Broadway, New York, the new pop-up is a cuddly and cozy IP-paradise that will be open for a year, bringing MINISO's design-led, affordable and adorable products to long-time fans and first-time shoppers.

MINISO’s Times Square Pop-Up Store
MINISO’s Times Square Pop-Up Store

In May 2023, MINISO opened its first Times Square global flagship store with huge success, quickly establishing itself as a favorite for locals and tourists alike. The new pop-up stands out as a plushie and IP-heaven, filled with lovable plushies, toys and lifestyle products, with IP collaboration ranges such as Sanrio, Snoopy, Winnie the Pooh, and Minions. With an eye-catching storefront featuring Disney's Lilo & Stitch-favorite Angel, and a perfect pink plush train carriage interior, the store creates a soft and warm atmosphere that oozes the brand's joyful outlook.

Pink Plush Train Carriage Interior of the Store
Pink Plush Train Carriage Interior of the Store

"We're thrilled to be opening this new pop-up in Times Square," said Tyrone Li, MINISO US General Manager. "Our flagship store here has been a massive hit, breaking numerous brand records and proving a popular addition for MINISO joy-seekers. This new pop-up is a playful and innovative reimagining of our 'Joy Philosophy' that highlights our outstanding range of IP products and is sure to add even more energy to this buzzing location."

Customers with MINISO's Plushies
Customers with MINISO's Plushies

Despite only being open for 3 weeks, the pop-up already recorded significant sales figures during its initial soft opening period in early March, achieving a highest sales per square-foot record among all the US stores, with sales performance ranking in the TOP 3.

Grand Opening of MINISO‘s New Times Square Pop-Up

In line with its ongoing strategy to become a global lifestyle super brand, MINISO is continuing to pursue rapid expansion, in the US and around the world. In December 2023, MINISO achieved its milestone 100th store opening in the US, with stores nationwide now totaling 120 across more than 20 states. Targeting more prime and strategic locations, the brand hopes to bring its "Joy Philosophy" to consumers in even more US cities.


MINISO Group is a global lifestyle brand offering a variety of design-led lifestyle products. The Company serves consumers primarily through its large network of MINISO stores, and promotes a relaxing, treasure-hunting and engaging shopping experience full of delightful surprises that appeals to all demographics. Aesthetically pleasing design, quality and affordability are at the core of every product in MINISO's wide product portfolio, and the Company continually and frequently rolls out products with these qualities. Since the opening of its first store in China in 2013, the Company has built its flagship brand "MINISO" as a globally recognized retail brand and established a massive store network worldwide.

Source: Miniso Group

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