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Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023 Explores the Spectrum of the Human Experience

2023-03-21 09:05

SINGAPORE, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Organised by Arts House Limited, Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) returns from 19 May to 4 June 2023. Titled The Anatomy of Performance - Some People, the Festival will exist across CREATION, featuring four commissions and 11 international presentations, LIFE PROFUSION, SIFA's parallel virtual entity, and SIFA X, a platform for experimental expression. 



Returning from 19 May, the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023 features programmes across physical and virtual stages.
Returning from 19 May, the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023 features programmes across physical and virtual stages.

The Festival remains a catalyst for creative intersections between international and local artists:

  • ANGEL ISLAND, a music theatre performance of the nearly 100-year-old verses on Angel Island by Huang Ruo and Brian Gothong Tan.
  • REALM OF SILK by Sougwen Chung and Leslie Tan investigates intersections between humans and other-than-humans.
  • THE SCHOOL by Jean Ng, Li Xie, and Joavien Ng bring audiences through an unusual journey back to "school".
  • Edith Podesta and K. Rajagopal presents POMPEll, a multi-media theatre performance inspired by the lives of impacted citizens.
  • WE WILL SLAM YOU WITH OUR WINGS by Joanna Dudley presents 19th Century imperialistic portraits replaced by images of young girls.
  • A DAY, 2023 by Joyce Ho opens doors to everyday situations, reminding festival-goers to be present.
  • £¥€$ (LIES) by Ontroerend Goed discusses human behaviour when faith in money and markets begin to wane.
  • CUCKOO and LOLLING & ROLLING by Jaha Koo showcases linguistic imperialism and isolation within Korean society.
  • Toshiki Okada presents NEW-ILLUSION, where life-size projected images of humans begin talking about a play.
  • HUMANS 2.0 by Circa celebrates the meaning of being human as performers find redemptive power in strength.
  • Andrea Salustri presents MATERIA, an exploration on the possibilities of polystyrene as it becomes the protagonist.
  • BLKDOG by Botis Seva explores inner-city coping mechanisms, portraying depression and gaining acceptance.
  • Hyerim Jang's ABYSS expresses the spectrum of emotions through dance.
  • Muna Tseng stages ME, YOU, THEN, NOW showcasing her meta-meditations on making new art.  

On Life Profusion, MOJOKO presents PRIVACY, animations on privacy in the digital sphere while Hong Xinyi curates creative responses to SIFA 2023's offerings with prompt: Play.

SIFA X stages LOVE DIVINE by SUKKI (formerly Sukki Singapora) and Daniel Kok & Luke George, Centre 42's THERE IS NO FUTURE IN NOSTALGIA, and INTERMISSION featuring Champa Saenprom and Vidura Amranand, with Thanapol Virulhakul.

For full festival line-up and tickets sale (15% savings until 31 March), visit /


Source: Arts House Limited (AHL)
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